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The MFMI periodically publishes a web-based newsletter to share information on its initiatives and spark discussion of various topics of microfinance management. The MFMI encourages faculty and students to contribute their research and experiences to the newsletter. Please email the MFMI at if you would like to submit newsletter content.

The MFMI Reporter - Issue 2, 2006        English [pdf K]

The MFMI Reporter - Issue 1, May 2005        English [pdf  416K]       En Español [pdf 240K]

Recruiting Training and Academic Organizations to Develop Financial Systems for the Poor

To download the Application for Affiliation to the MFMI Global Network, please click here .

Applications are due:

Latin America: June 1, 2007
Sub-Saharan Africa: June 15, 2007
Middle East + North Africa + Central /Eastern Europe + Central Asia: July 20, 2007
South and South East Asia: August 17, 2007

If you have any difficulties downloading your application, please contact us at

En Español:

Reclutando organizaciones académicas y de capacitación para el desarrollo de sistemas financieros para los pobres

Para descargar la aplicación de afiliación a la Red Global del MFMI en español, por favor haga click aquí.

Fecha límite para enviar aplicaciones:

América Latina: 1 junio 200
Africa: 15 junio 2007
Medio Oriente + Europa central y del este + Asia central: 20 julio 2007
Asia del sur y del sureste: 17 agosto 2007

Para mayor información, por favor consulte a Natasa Goronja, Gerente de la Red y Mercadeo:


Le MFMI (le Microfinance Management Institute) est en train de recruter des organisations académiques et de formation afin d'élargir son réseau mondial de professionnels qui oeuvrent à renforcer les capacités des établissements financiers et des systèmes financiers engagés dans la microfinance et la bancarisation de masse.

Si vous êtes intéressé(e)s par la possibilité de faire partie de ce réseau mondial, nous vous invitons à remplir le formulaire d'application et de le renvoyer à, responsable du réseau et marketing, d'ici le 1er août 2007, ou bien cliquez ci-dessous.

Microfinance Management Institute (MFMI) and CGAP Training Program Unite

In February 2007, CGAP and the MFMI announced their agreement to join two of CGAP's highly successful training programs—Skills for Microfinance Managers and the CGAP/UNCDF Donor Training—with the MFMI MBA Program. CGAP is a co-founder of the MFMI along with the Open Society Institute. The united effort will strengthen the skills of trainers and academics in microfinance and build donor awareness of how to support the capacity and opportunities of those offering financial products and services to the poor. The MFMI will 1) post information and resources on training and education; 2) strengthen and motivate local service providers to deliver high-quality microfinance courses and skills building programs; 3) improve donor effectiveness in supporting training and education; and 4) accelerate the use of best practice messages, tools, and publications on financial inclusion.

The MFMI website will be updated soon to incorparate these programs.