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Proposal Instructions

Proposal Form

Step 1: Complete the Proposal Form
Please complete Parts 1 through 4 of the proposal form. The form may also be downloaded in Word format or PDF format, and emailed to, or submitted by fax to +1.202.530.0128, or mailed to:

Microfinance Management Institute
Global Fund for Materials Development
c/o The Open Society Institute
1120 19th Street, NW, 8th Floor
Washington, DC 20036

Proposals sent by email should be submitted only ONCE with “GLOBAL FUND” in the subject heading.

Please submit the following documents with the proposal:

  • Curriculum vitae plus two references
  • Sample of previous work (similar to proposed work, if possible)
    If the documents noted above are not available in electronic form, please mail or fax them as indicated above.

For email submissions, an email notification will be generated automatically once all information and attachments are received. Receipt of proposals by regular post will be confirmed by the MFMI once all of the necessary information has been received.

Step 2: Review of Proposals
MFMI considers proposals only when it has received a completed form, including a detailed budget and all required attachments. The MFMI will communicate its acceptance or declination of a proposal within ten (10) business days. MFMI may request some changes or information before reaching a final decision. Proposals are accepted by MFMI on a continuous basis, or until further notice.

Step 3: Approval of Contract
Upon approval of a proposal, MFMI sends an email notifying its approval to the Consultant. The email includes a contract outlining the terms of the work for hire with MFMI to produce the proposed Academic Materials and includes a timeframe and budget. Subject to agreement, the Consultant signs the contract and returns it to MFMI by fax and mail. Once MFMI is in receipt of the signed contract, MFMI notifies the Consultant that all activities outlined in the proposal may commence.

Step 4: Request for Payment
Global Fund Consultants receive a consultancy fee plus reasonable expense reimbursement. Consultants should submit to MFMI only one invoice per contract for all costs once activities have been completed and the final work is ready to submit to MFMI. Regardless of the final cost of the proposal activities, MFMI will not disburse amounts greater than those committed in the contract without the prior written consent of MFMI.

To request payment, the Consultant submits to MFMI a cover sheet, all documents prepared in connection with the proposal, and an invoice. MFMI requires that all documents be submitted by email, or other electronic form, so that they may be posted electronically on its web site. The cover sheet, which may be downloaded here in Word or PDF format, requires summary information including an abstract, a teaching guide describing how the materials are to be used, and a list of all resources required to use the materials in a classroom setting.

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