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The Microfinance Management Institute (MFMI) seeks proposals from professors of graduate management programs and microfinance practitioners and experts ("Consultants") to develop teaching cases, course syllabi, presentations, multimedia teaching aids, simulations, student exercises, and other academic materials on microfinance management ("Academic Materials"). Through a Global Fund for Materials Development (the "Global Fund"), and in conjunction with MFMI’s Microfinance in MBA Programs Project (the "MBA Project"), MFMI engages Consultants under a work for hire arrangement to conduct research, and to capture and document the management successes and challenges, globally, of microfinance institutions. As intellectual property of the MFMI, the Academic Materials are disseminated on the MFMI web site to interested users, particularly to academic institutions in the process of integrating the study of microfinance management within their graduate management programs.

The Global Fund gives priority to (1) Consultants with expertise in business management and knowledge of microfinance, (2) Consultants with demonstrated experience developing academic or training materials (sample required), and (3) proposals that focus upon the management of microfinance and related institutions and the processes by which microfinance organizations can be created, survive, grow and integrate into mainstream financial services.

The Global Fund covers all costs specifically associated with the research and development of the proposed Academic Materials. Associated costs may include, among others:

  1. Consultant’s time to research and develop an activity based on number of days worked
  2. materials and supplies to facilitate research and development (excluding equipment)
  3. intra-country travel and expenses incurred by a Consultant to conduct research
  4. other incidental costs (e.g., postage and copies)

MFMI does not cover the capital costs of any equipment purchase or any generic overhead charges.

MFMI seeks a range of Academic Materials across a broad spectrum of management themes, including materials that may fall under one or more of the following topics:

  • Accounting
  • Business Models
  • Capacity Building
  • Capital Funding and Structuring
  • Client Segments
  • Competition
  • Credit Delivery
  • Financial Management
  • Financial Performance
  • Governance and Leadership
  • History/Evolution/Trends
  • Human Resource Management
  • Innovations
  • Institutional Appraisal/Evaluation
  • Interest Rates/Pricing
  • Legal Structures
  • Marketing/Demand
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Development
  • Policy
  • Products
  • Regulation and Supervision
  • Risk Management
  • Rural/Agricultural Finance
  • Scenario Planning
  • Social Enterprise
  • Social Performance
  • Strategic and Business Planning
  • Technology

To submit a proposal, please complete and submit the proposal form found online here. Further explanation and instructions are found here. Questions may be addressed by email to

Please note that before final acceptance by the MFMI, all work is subject to review by an academic panel for appropriateness of use in a classroom setting. MFMI shall be deemed to be the “author” and owner of all materials produced by the Consultant and will publicly disseminate all works for hire on the MFMI web site.

Proposals are accepted by MFMI on a continuous basis, or until further notice.

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