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About the Global Fund for Materials Development

The Global Fund for Materials Development (the "Global Fund") supports the research and documentation of case studies and other academic materials that capture the broad international experience of microfinance. These materials are produced by the core schools participating in the MBA Project, MFMI Fellows, and practitioners and experts working in the field of microfinance worldwide. The Global Fund constantly strives to develop materials that reflect international perspectives and experiences, some of which may challenge prevailing local paradigms.

Employing a competitive bid process, the Global Fund selects and finances case studies across a spectrum of management themes. All final studies are made publicly available via the Resource Library of this web site. A small sample of potential topics for materials development includes:

  • designing organizations around the task environment of the informal sector
  • strategic orientation and scenario planning
  • organizational restructuring
  • entrepreneurial organizational design
  • designing flexible human resource systems
  • models for flexible business planning
  • governance models



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