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International Fellowship Program in Microfinance Management

The MFMI is currently not accepting new applications.

The MFMI has witnessed growing interest in microfinance among MBA students and faculty worldwide. Since its initial engagement with the university sector in 2003, the MFMI has learned of emerging academic programs in microfinance in literally all corners of the globe. An informal survey of U.S. and foreign universities offering graduate-level electives in microfinance revealed that such courses are full or oversubscribed and well-attended by MBA students.

The MFMI accordingly launched its International Fellowship Program in Microfinance Management (the "Fellows Program") to extend the availability of graduate courses in microfinance management worldwide. Fellowship candidates submit an individually tailored proposal to the MFMI for activities that advance postgraduate teaching and research in microfinance management. Candidates are awarded one-year fellowships (with the possibility of renewal) and join the MFMI’s existing international network of partner universities. Click here for information on the Fellows named in 2005-2006.


The Fellows Program aims to meet the following specific objectives:

  • foster the development of academic programs in microfinance management at the MBA and postgraduate level (e.g., research, teaching and student mentoring)
  • direct the focus of academic programs to the management of microfinance institutions (i.e., their creation, survival, growth and integration into the mainstream financial sector)
  • provide opportunities for faculty with conceptual management expertise and an interest in microfinance management to create and test high-quality teaching resources (e.g., case studies, simulations) for the benefit of the MBA Project
  • facilitate opportunities for management faculty to build international networks with researchers and microfinance practitioners, participate in learning exchanges, and deepen international insight into microfinance management

Selection Criteria

The most successful candidates:

  • live, work and reside in an emerging market, developing or transition country (priority is given to Fellows from countries where microfinance is prevalent)
  • currently teach in an MBA or graduate management program or equivalent. The Fellows Program is open to specialists in the broad range of disciplines taught in business and management, including finance, strategy, general management, marketing, organizational development and human resource development
  • demonstrate an interest in microfinance, either through management experience, consulting, research or teaching
  • demonstrate a track record in the production of educational materials and curricula

Priority Regions

Priority is given to candidates from regions of Eastern Europe, Central Asia, the Middle East, North Africa, West Africa and South America. Countries and regions where the MFMI currently has program investments (i.e., Costa Rica, India, the Philippines and South Africa) are considered low priority.